The Pact
Goodbye, Past. Hello, Love!

Relationship expert and author extraordinaire Charles J. Orlando is to relationships what Warren Buffet is to investing! Mr. Orlando’s keen understanding of how men and women think and flow in relationships is the key to his unparalleled success. His latest book, The Pact: Goodbye Past, Hello Love!, helps identify and correct the issues we bring to our relationships… issues that prevent us from finding and keeping true and lasting love. 

In The Pact, Charles J. Orlando gives a real-world view on what’s blocking you from getting the love you want and deserve. He provides innovative, proven methods to unblock your love life… techniques he’s gleaned from working with thousands of men and women around the world. The result: SUCCESS! By applying his guidance, you will revolutionize your experiences in life and love—leaving your challenges behind you and moving on to love that is happy and satisfying.

Unblock yourself and unlock the doors to true love with The Pact.


The Pact is the modern love seeker’s bible. Kudos to Orlando for his insights into why so many people aren’t finding happiness in their relationships.
— John Gray, Ph.D., bestselling author of Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus
Blunt, brilliant and filled with tough-love truths and sound, sensible advice, The Pact is Skinny Bitch for your relationship. Whether you’re single, searching or struggling in your current situation, The Pact will show you how to kick the past to the curb and find the love you deserve.
— Jenna McCarthy, author of Everything's Relative