It might sound ridiculous, but remember to enjoy the process of dating and getting to know people. Too often, because of screwed up expectations, people expect to find their soulmate out of the gate. While that's possible, it's not probably. Prepare yourself to meet a lot of people... some with whom you'll click, others you won't. Those you're compatible with won't necessarily be in your local bar or nightclub. Your friends and colleagues can be a great resource to find likeminded people, but there is also a better way...

If you are single-and-looking, here's my recommendation: 
Sign up for a class—specifically a cooking class or a dance class. 

Classes that are interactive provide a great environment for singles. Here's why:

  • Everyone is there to learn something new... which means they are bettering themselves, and that is the type of person you want to attract.
  • Everyone starts even. No one knows more than the other, so unless someone is secretly a ringer... there's no unfair advantage, no one puts anyone down, and everyone is in a positive place. 
  • You get to experience raw relationship dynamics. In active classes (like cooking, dancing, and others), people are often paired up. You can see how they handle mistakes, what their ego and confidence level are like, how they deal with learning new things, how they handle insecurity, and if they are comfortable allowing you your own space to do your thing. And while there is no guarantee that you will be partnered with someone of the opposite sex, you will see others—and interact with them. 


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