5 Ways You Can Create A Stronger Sexual Connection

In your early twenties, sex is sometimes all you can think about when it comes to a relationship. As time goes on, you reach your thirties and even your forties, and this feeling starts to go away. This can often lead to a relationship (or marriage) becoming obsolete and both partners growing away from each other.

Huffington Post recently posted a very interesting post on whether no sex is the new normal. It is reported that, in many relationships and marriages, sex have completely stopped. What once was an element of connection, now seems like it could never be present again.

The Daily Mail found that around 60% of couples claim to be in an unhappy relationship. The dots connect when you look at these figures and it becomes obvious that steps need to be taken in order to claim back the sexual connection that once was there.

In reality, intimacy starts with a bang and then gradually starts to cool down over the years a couple spends together. CBC News reports that as much as 40% of couples sleep in separate beds at some point in their lives. The main reasons for this is gaining an inadequate amount of sleep while sharing the same bed.

Social media, forums, and the internet has also created self-esteem problems among men by creating unrealistic expectations about the average size of an erect penis. These are only a couple of the problems people face when in a relationship, especially when married. This often leads to both partners being disconnected from each other.

#1: Communicate

While issues such as sleeping in separate beds seem to become a rising problem among couples, other problems such as erectile dysfunction and low sexual desires can also effect a relationship. These problems may occur due to ineffective communication – if any at all – being present in the relationship. Sometimes, all it takes is a session where both partners calmly communicate with each other. Resolving issues that are getting in the way of the sexual connection between both partners can often be resolved through more effective communication.

#2: Take Turns Spoiling Each Other

At the start of a relationship, partners tend to spoil each other with gifts and random kisses. This soon starts to fade away when the relationship is taken for granted. Introduce new spoiling sessions in your relationship. Each partner can have a turn at spoiling the other one. It doesn’t necessarily have to be in a sexual context—simply bringing home a box of chocolates or a flower bouquet after the day’s work can also be great. This can lead to intimacy, which could help the couple build on their sexual connection once again.

#3: Take Care Of Your Sexual Dysfunctions

The Erasmus University Rotterdam in Netherlands reports that as much as 2% of men under the age of 40 are suffering from erectile dysfunction, based on a recent study that took into account participants from countries that included the United States, Australia, Europe, and Asia. When these type of problems are causing problems in a relationship, opting for a choice of the top male enhancement pills might assist with relieving symptoms and help sexual intercourse become more intimate.

#4: Learn To Cope With Your Stress

The Journal of Marital and Family Therapy posted results of a study they conducted in 2014 on Research Gate. The study concluded that stress can have a major impact on the satisfaction rate in a relationship. Statistics Brain reports that relationships are also one of the leading causes of stress, which often leads to divorce, the feeling of being lonely and arguments. They also report that 77% of individuals within the United States report that they experience stressful symptoms on a regular basis. Learning to handle stressful situations better can often lead to improvements in a relationship, which could also help build a stronger sexual connection.

#5: Focus On Yourself Too

Many couples tend to place all of the focus on the relationship, especially when problems start to develop. A relationship involves two people and each involved are their person. It is important for each to not only focus on building a life together but also to build upon themselves as well. When each person feels good about themselves, it creates a better overall feeling in the relationship, which can help build a much stronger sexual connection between both partners.

Relationships take the effort to make things work as they should. Both partners need to be actively involved in the building blocks of the relationship. This can seem like a difficult task, which often leads to partners starting to grow apart. Finding ways to help build a stronger sexual connection could not only have benefits in the bedroom but could also help save a failing relationship. With sexual dysfunctions being one of the most common causes for sexual activities to stop in a relationship, a product such as Nugenix may also be used to alleviate these symptoms and create a healthier sexual life.



David Gomes completed his M.S Professional degree in California Institute of Technology. He lives in Oakland, CA and writes about a variety of topics: joint health, weight loss, beauty and skincare. Connect with him on Google+ or Twitter.