7 Foolproof Ways To Increase Your Sex Drive

Credit: WeHeartIt

Credit: WeHeartIt

Sexual intercourse is not only considered to be a natural part of life, but it is also deemed to be a very beneficial act that we perform. When we participate in sexual intercourse, both our physical and mental health gain many benefits that could, in the long run, make us enjoy life more.

One of the most impressive benefits of sexual intercourse is the fact that is has a similar effect on the body as physical exercise has — it can improve overall heart health, support the immune system and sexual intercourse can even lead to lower blood pressure levels.

Furthermore, sex can help you sleep better, it could make you a more intimate person, and it can help you work on your self-esteem. Some evidence is also available that proofs sex to be an effective way to relieve pain and reduce stress levels — two factors that many people experience on a regular basis.

While sex is natural, both men and women can sometimes experience difficulty while they are performing in the bedroom. Numerous sexual dysfunctions have been identified, and they can all have an adverse impact on a person’s life when their symptoms start to develop. Premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction and a lack of libido are some of the most common problems that men face while they participate in sexual intercourse. Among women, a low libido, also sometimes referred to as a low sex drive, is also a common problem.

Simple Ways To Boost Your Sex Drive

Several studies have been performed on the prevalence of a low sex drive among men and women. A 2008 study completed by RTI International concluded that approximately 26.7% of women who are not menopausal yet suffer from this condition. The prevalence among women rises to around 52.4% among women who are menopausal. While the condition seems to be more prevalent among women, a large number of men also suffer from the symptoms related to a low sex drive and a lack of libido. WebMD reports that as much as 16% of the global male population have problems with their sex drive. To help you boost your sex drive, we’ve compiled a list of seven effective, yet simple ways that you can use. These tips may also come in handy should you suffer from another sexual disorder, such as premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction.

1. Deal With The Factors That Are Stressing You Out

Stress, especially in high levels and frequent onsets, can have a bad impact on your overall health. The problem affects your mental and physical health, and may even lead to problems with your performance in the bedroom. Dr. Logan Levkoff reports that stress can make a person experience negative thoughts about their body image, make a person question whether or not they want to be in the relationship and it may even lead to alcohol abuse. While these may all have a negative effect on a person’s overall sexual performance, stress can also directly cause libido to take a dive.

2. Regular Exercise Can Lead To A Better Sex Drive

Regularly participating in physical exercises can help you improve several factors of your overall physical well-being and it can improve certain traits of your mental health. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that the most significant benefits of physical activity include the ability to maintain a healthy weight (or to lose weight in case a person is overweight0, to improve heart health, to strengthen muscles and bones, and to improve mental health. Apart from these factors, physical exercise has also been linked to a better sex drive.

3. Sleep better (and more)

If you’re like the 33% of American that does not gain an adequate amount of sleep each night, then your physical health and your sexual performance are not at its top game at all times. While too much sleep is bad for you, not sleeping enough can also be bad for your health. Men’s Fitness report that a person can gain a 14% improvement in their sexual performance and libido for every one hour of extra sleep they gain per night.

4. Try Some Yoga Poses

Yoga is used to improve flexibility, to enhance muscle tone and to relieve stress. These, however, aren’t the only ways that yoga can help to improve a person’s overall health. Many people use certain yoga poses to improve their sex life and often to enhance their sex drives. Some popular yoga poses that can be utilized for this purpose include the “Happy Baby Pose,” The “Downward Facing Dog Pose” and the “Shoulder Stand Pose.”

5. Eat Healthy Foods

While a night filled with movies and pizza may sound attractive, pizza doesn’t provide your body with any health benefits, but rather with fats and other bad substances. Instead of ordering pizza while staying in, you should try to focus on preparing a dish that utilizes healthy foods. Eating healthier can help you feel better, which may increase your sex drive.

6. Don’t Focus Too Much On Your Sex Drive

While it may seem like a good idea to monitor your sex drive if you suffer from a low libido, the excess stress you are putting upon yourself can further hurt your sex drive. Remember that your sex drive depends on numerous emotional aspects and putting a lot of focus on these factors may cause your libido to stay down low. Instead, try to focus on the moment and your partner.

7. Spend Some Time With Yourself

Many people think that being in a relationship, especially when things get serious, they should not spend time with themselves (in other words, they do not masturbate alone). The greatest report that masturbation could help to increase your sex drive. They explain that, while masturbating, a person can determine what turns them on and off. Thus, they can use this to their advantage in the bedroom to rev up their sex drive.


Sex is a great way to connect with someone on an intimate level, but when problems arise with any partner’s sexual capabilities, their lives may be affected inside and outside the bedroom. Fortunately, many people only suffer from a low libido, which can often be fixed by mixing things up. These tips are all helpful for increasing your sex drive. To make these tips even more powerful, they can be combined with a supplement, such as Test X180, which provides a herbal solution to improve major aspects of sexual health.



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