Attention Instagram "models": You are selling yourselves



The article that used to be here — written four years ago, about Instagram, selfies, and social media models — was meant to highlight the difference between true confidence and needing external acceptance — and how that can negatively affect self-esteem — in an "in-your-face" way. After listening to readers and fans, I have discovered that it was written WAY too subjectively, and is subject to multiple interpretations. 

It still lives on other sites (to which I will not link or redirect), and unfortunately I can't get the syndication removed quickly... but I am working on it. Before deleting it here, I re-read it, To be honest, I think I sound like a judgmental, misinformed prick. In my [limited] defense, when it was originally written — back when building an entire career on social media wasn’t so commonplace and many people posting were looking for likes to boost their self-esteems. Regardless, no explanation can explain/excuse the tone my writing took at that time.

To be clear: The article that used to be here highlights a complete failure to communicate on my part. I hate it and the tone I took when first writing it... and I unfortunately agree with the assessment that it doesn’t communicate my original goal. They way it reads and is being interpreted is actually completely opposite of what I was trying to communicate. And for that, readers have my sincerest apologies.

To those readers, your comments and thoughts have been duly noted. With a strong voice comes a responsibility to think before speaking/writing. Please know that lesson has been learned. 

If you want to do something, please go hug someone you love. Don't read misguided crap like I wrote. My other articles are (hopefully) pretty good. But not this one. Move on, please.

With humility and regret,





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