5 Proven Ways To Keep Your Relationship Great


Finding love that lasts can be challenging. But there's also no rulebook for keeping things great. Everyone can use a tip or two to keep things fresh, alive, passionate, and connected! After connecting with thousands of women and men on my Facebook Page, here are the best ways to keep your relationship vibrant:

1. Don't give up the newness of your relationship. As relationships mature, couples tend to forget that they are men and women first, and spouses/significant others second. Effort is required to keep things fresh. Text them in the middle of the day for no reason at all. Flirt with them. Shower with them. Pay attention.

2. Recognize that you aren't able to change the other person... they have to do that on their own.  People try to mold/change their significant others into what they wish/want them to be. That approach is destined for failure. You can't change anyone; they have to want to change and grow themselves. You can only control how you act (or react) to any issues they present.




3. Keep your strength, your individuality, and your self-esteem up-front-and-center. A relationship is made up of two people, and those people have their own wants and needs—both inside and outside of the relationship. It's critical to keep your own interests and wants top-of-mind. Compromise is good, but not when you compromise who you are and/or what you really want out of life.

4. Don't settle for second-best. If the other person in your relationship refuses to grow with you or address what you both need, don't settle. Life is far too short. You should be with someone that enjoys you and treats you as a treasure, not as an obligation or duty. Communicate your needs clearly—they can't read your mind. If they refuse to address your needs, you might have a hard decision to make.

5. Passionate Sex. Sex isn't just the physical act. It's a closeness... a trust... the physical expression of connection, intimacy, and sharing. It can be as romantic, as passionate, or as bondage-infused as the couple wants... but sharing one's physical self with the other is critical for most relationships (there are exceptions, of course). Being open, vulnerable, and trusting is an important component of a healthy sex life. Don't let passion drift away. And remember: passion begins and exists outside of the bedroom.