7 Sexercises That Rock Your Body For A Happy Sex Life

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Engaging in exercise is one of the best ways to ensure that you live a healthy life without a lot of worry to your health. The same case applies to sex. If you desire to enjoy sex, then engaging in sex exercise will ensure you get to enjoy it even more! Do not stay engaged in the same exercise and sex you have been doing for years on end. Try out new exercises that can help you get to enjoy an amazing time while at it all. Below is a description of the various exercises that you can engage in to get a great time all together.


These are by far the most common exercises targeted at sex. This exercise targets the pubococcygeus muscles of the body. These are the pelvic floor muscles which when regularly exercised help one improve contractions of the vaginal area which results in increased pleasure.  To identify these muscles, you should try to stop the flow of urine mid-stream when urinating. The muscle that allows you to stop this flow is the muscle that you ought to exercise. This exercise is recommended to women especially after child birth or pregnancy or even women who seem to be aging. It has been said to help bring back that desired tightness down there.



This squat technique has a girl squatting wide with toes facing out at a 45-degree angle. The hands are then tacked in the thigh to help offer support. When in this position, one is supposed to move up and down in repetitive motions. The benefit of this procedure is that it helps grow one’s booty which is a great deal when it comes to giving your partner a mental cue which they love. It also gives one great admirable leg and goes a long way in availing a large amount of blood to the genitals. This is very important when it comes to arousal as it helps improve your sex life and enjoyment as well.

Bridge Pose

This is a unique exercise that makes use of the body to help firm up the general core. To perform this exercise, you should be lying on the back flat down and with knees raised but feet n the floor. The hands should be in line with the core. To perform this exercise, one is supposed to use the hands, feet, and core to lift the buttock area and hold that in for about 30 seconds per iteration. This should be repeated for about 20 times a day. This is a great exercise that one can use to firm up the abs, core, and buttocks and not to mention the vagina which will be tightened in the process. This makes for sex to be very entertaining as one can handle resistance well, even when lengthy periods are required.

Hip Thrust

This is a procedure similar to the bridge pose, but in this case, the hands are under the hips. This effectively also helps exercise the triceps as well. The benefit that comes with this procedure is that there is a buildup of the core and it helps one in strength training. This effectively means that a man can last for quite a long period without tiring. The buttocks benefit, as well as the genitals as a higher volume of blood, comes to the region being exercised. This exercise is in many ways similar to kegel exercises for men.  This means one gets to enjoy more fun that they could even have imagined.


This is a unique type of exercise which one can get to enjoy by themselves. In this exercise, one starts with a person lying on their belly flat on the floor. The legs should be extended backward such that only the toes touch the floor. To engage in the exercise, one is supposed to place the hands on the chest and lift the whole body, chest, and thighs in one motion, as if raising a plank. One should hold this in for about 15 seconds per iteration. This exercise helps exercise the back muscles as well as connect the body.


With all these exercises, it is good to give the body that extra boost it needs for one to not only enjoy great sex but mind blowing sex for that matter. These are natural based products which are used in boosting a person’s longevity as well as general libido to help them enjoy a boost in sex drive than never before, all this done naturally. One such product which helps one enjoy the sex they desire and give them a renewed lease of life is Blackcore Edge which is a product based on natural ingredients which have been shown by studies to help in boosting one’s sex drive. Try it out today for a boost that complements the hard exercises you have done. 




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