Letter from a hater


I get all kinds of hate mail... mostly from men who bash the title of my book, think I'm a man-hater... but this one was different. :) I'm posting this letter in response to Fan requests asking for more visibility into the letters I receive from Haters.
Note: All misspellings are property of the writer. I didn't want to misquote.
And, to the Hater below... thanks for writing in. :)  You might hate me, but I adore you and your misguided ridiculousness. At least you didn't threaten to kill me (as three others did a couple of years ago.)
Dear Charles J. Orlando:
You Sir, are a dick and i want you to know it. I read all the crap you put on your fuckn facebook page and I have to say that you are completely screw up in the head. Let me explain why.
My wife got on your page last year and started readn all this stuff about how she shouldn't settel for second best and how men need to do more in marriage and stuff. All I can say is BULLOCKS! Up until that point, she was happy and so was I. We had a great arrangment... I would work and pay all the bills and she would clean house and take care of kids. now, she wants to go to Uni and finish her degree. so she started Uni at night and now I have the kids to take care of all evenin and this isn't FAIR!!! she had her chance to go to Uni before she had kids, and now that's her job. and I have mine.
She bought your book and when I found it i burned it. HA HA! So fuck you.
she read all your stuff and now she want me doing dishes and cleaning house and changing bed sheets. you and your fuckin page at the PROBLEM--- not MEN, you arsehole!
how many other mens lives have you fuckd up? do women actualy listen to you and your stupid crap? why are you doing this and what will make you stop?
fuck you fuck you fuck you
Dear [name removed]:
If it makes you feel better to blame me... more power to you, [name removed]. But the truth is far simpler: I'm not telling women anything they don't already know know; these women are already having these conversations. Nothing magical... just the truth from man's point of view. If you're pissed that your wife has found her own sense of empowerment, is regaining her self-esteem and wants more from her life (all of which was already inside her), then I'm very sorry for you. Perhaps my writing and book brought things out for her, but it was already there... which means (sorry to tell you) she's already been dissatisfied with the way things are going.  
My advice: Stop behaving like a spoiled brat. You want her to stay with you? Listen to her... help her fulfill what she wants out of life, not just your marriage (err... indentured servitude?). Blaming me might make you feel better... but based on what you've described, it sounds like she's already packing her bags. Your energy and efforts might be better spent trying to reconcile things with her... not bashing me.

Good luck to you both,