[RANT] Moms and Femininity


On the front page of Yahoo! this afternoon » Mariah Carey is shown wearing short shorts, and a midriff top. Mid-40s, mother... and looking great. However, the comments on the photo (not from anonymous internet trolls, but from people with an identifiable profile and a picture) were really bad! Hundreds of comments (from men and women) on how she's "a momnow" and needs "to stop acting/dressing like she's 20 years old". 

*achoo!* *sniff* *ah-CHOO!* 

Sorry. I'm allergic to bullshit.

Where is it written that once a woman becomes a mother she needs to give up her femininity? Her sexiness? Her sensuality? Once past the point of child birth, is she then just a walking breast milk provider who should dress in oversized Muumuus, maybe high-waisted jeans with turtlenecks? 

It was funny reading those comments from men, as they/I/we all know that if a lesbian porno staring Mariah were leaked to the masses, these same men would call-in sick to work due to ferocious masturbation exhaustion. (Silly, juvenile hypocrites.) And the women who showed their disapproval... *sigh*... I guess sometimes the problem with women... is women. 

What these commenters (and thousands of nameless, judgmental others) have forgotten is really simple: Women are *WOMEN*. They might ALSO be girlfriends, wives, aunts, sisters, friends, and yes... mothers... but they are STILL WOMEN, first and foremost. "Mom" is a part of them... but not everything. Just because a woman embraces motherhood doesn't mean she shuns femininity or sensuality. To say anything different is to either try to force-feed false conservative opinions, or pretend that women aren't sexy. Either way... I call bullshit. 

Women: Stay sexy and feminine. Those who are against it are either in denial, or too insecure to branch out and be who they really are... and that has nothing to do with you.