A rant on role models


It's a sad state of affairs when kids want to be the next Justin Bieber instead of the next Barrack Obama—regardless of whether or not you believe in the president's political views. The Truth: Justin might have "swag"… but Barrack has an education, a viewpoint on the world, and his pants belted around his waist—instead of sagging like they were just issued entering a prison yard.

In short: You can put a video of on YouTube, get a few hundred thousands views and get struck by a record label's marketing lightning... but what are you contributing to the world beyond property taxes for your new house in Los Angeles? How are you bettering the world and yourself? For me, it shows kids that it only takes luck to achieve anything... which is hardly the case.

Example: Michael Jordan worked/practiced his ASS off to bolster his skillset and better his talent... and he was a solid role model. Today, kids don't even make it out of their Sophomore year in HIGH SCHOOL before scouts are drafting them... and they don't have the mental maturity, wherewithal, or constitution to stay grounded, humble, and grateful — let alone a role model for their peers.

In full earnest, I will readily conceded that, yes, money/opportunity won is twice as sweet as money/opportunity earned... but over time it leads to a sense of entitlement and lack of long-term appreciation. Come on, people... the generations coming up need to know that: 1) The world isn't fair. 2) The world owes you NOTHING. 3) Opportunity usually doesn't knock... it sits quietly outside the door waiting for someone to follow the path and open the door. And 4) In the grand scheme of things, we are all little, insignificant blips... and the best measurement of a successful life is how many lives you can positively affect... not how many Jaguars you can pull into your driveway."