The double standards of some men


Just something to consider:

If she argues with him, she's looking for a fight; but if she's quiet, he'll say she doesn't care.

If she calls him, she's too clingy; but if he calls her, she should drop what she's doing and be happy he called at all.

If she doesn't love him, he'll try to win her; but when she does love him, he'll take her for granted.

If she doesn't sleep with him in the first few dates, she's a tease; but if she does, she's a slut.

If she tells him her problems, he'll tell her to stop bitching about everything; but if she doesn't, he'll say she doesn't trust him.

If she offers him advice, she's a nag or a know-it-all; but if he offers her advice, it's because he cares.

If she breaks a promise, he'll never trust her again; but if he breaks one, it's because he had no choice and she needs to be more understanding.

If she cheats, it's over; but if he cheats, it was just a mistake and she has to give him another chance.

Could the genders be reversed? Sure... there are many women who exhibit these behavioral traits. But that doesn't nullify what's written here.