What the Right Man Says, Does, Thinks, and Acts Like


If you’re looking for a quality man, there are specific signs to help you determine not only if he’s genuine, but if he’s the right guy for you. Here’s what the right guy says, does, thinks, and wants:


He is sincere. Honesty, honor, gratitude, compassion, loyalty, trust... he embodies them all. He chases his dreams. You'll know that he does, because he will tell you what he wants from his experience on this planet and what he wishes for others. He's the one who engages people he's just met and asks them with inquisitive interest what they are doing in their lives, and then dives into the conversation without one-upping them with something he's doing. He loves life. He's the guy who is trying new things, watching others try new things and enjoys both. If you stop to talk to him, he will tell you about a new book he's read, a new place he has visited or a new class he's taking. He has a lust for life and for living. He recognizes that he has limited time and wants to make the most of it. He's always looking to improve himself. He's a man who spends his time on improving himself emotionally as well as physically. He has an unquenchable thirst for living and for life. He's a man who has a list of things he wants to learn... about himself, about the world around him, about others, and about countless subjects. He listens. He doesn’t advocate his view... he shares his thoughts. He's listening to your opinions, internalizing them, and not judging them. He recognizes that his ego and masculinity are not hinged to being right. He's good with mistakes and disappointment. He knows that people aren't perfect because he isn't. He acknowledges his faults, so he won't hold yours against you. If you fail him, he may be disappointed, but all will be well. He knows that through failure comes experience and learning, and that you can always try again. He's a master of empathy. Through it all, he knows how to walk a virtual mile in someone else's shoes without wasting time judging their actions. He's passionate about everything... including you.




His desire is boundless, and when he gets home he can't decide if he wants to share his day or rip your clothes off. He will be involved in multiple things, on a constant quest to learn and grow. He might disappear into his passion for a short time, but he will always come back, because he actually never left. He will want to share what he's doing with you, and will also want to hear about everything you're doing. He says it and shows it. Whether it's taking out the trash or showing love, he doesn't just talk the talk... he walks the walk. A true man of example and action. He is worthy of reciprocation. Because he is providing his best to you and the world around him, he is expecting your best, as well. He wants to be appreciated. He wants to know he's respected. He wants to know he's important. He wants to know he's valuable. He wants to know he's desired. He wants to know he's missed. He wants to know he's loved. And he wants to be told... by the person he loves.


Author's note: To the men and women who are saying or thinking that this is "the perfect man" or "there is no such thing": What's written here isn't rocket science. It's not hard or complicated... it just takes effort.