Why I Write


To the hundreds of people who have written into me asking why I write what I write:

I do what I do and write what I write because I see massive inequity in the world—complacency, unhappy relationships, lack of passion, lack of gratitude—and after connecting with tens of thousands of people (both men and women), I have information to share. 

I'm an expert as regards interpersonal relations and relationship dynamics. I'm not an expert because I know everything (which is ridiculous), and not because I have achieved some level of perfection in my life and/or marriage (which is impossible). I'm an expert because I have four things: Research, Experience, Perspective, and Knowledgeable Opinion. If you are reading my writing with the expectation that I don't make mistakes in life and love, you're talking to the wrong expert. I'm just a man and I screw up all the time, but I try to learn from my experiences.

Why this approach? Why is my first book series titled The Problem with Women... is Men (Volumes 1 and 2, respectfully)? There are some great men out there, but the a$$holes make those great men look bad... and it pisses me off. After connecting with thousands of women, it's become painfully clear that there are so many men who either don't know or don't care about what makes a meaningful relationship, and they have no clue (nor interest) what women want from a man in a long-term relationship. That indifference spills out into the self-esteem and psyche of women, and they become embittered and angry women who treat the RIGHT guy like crap. I tell every man I can find: If you want to hate me, hate me; I'm good with it. But if you want to know what women want from men, you don't have to buy my books. Save your $11.95; it's a rough economy. Just head over to my Facebook page. It's free and there are over a million women telling men what they want and don't want in life and love. You don't have to agree with them; just listen. 


is it only men? Of course not. There are many women who exhibit the negative traits and behaviors I discuss. But just because some women act this way doesn't nullify my points. I receive letters all the time from men—GOOD men—who are trying understand how their love lives ran off the rails. I help everyone I can find and as many people as I can who write into me. (And if you're written in, I appreciate your patience. I receive hundreds of messages every week and I respond to as many as I can. If I haven't gotten to yours yet, please know that it's not because I don't care... I'm just overwhelmed.)

To those who have called me a misandrist: Firstly, misandry means you hate men... and I don't hate my gender... I'm just saying what many men DO. NOT. WANT. TO. HEAR. Both here and in my books, I'm talkin' three parts relationship equality, two parts common sense, one part humor.

Does it make me feel "special" to have thousands of people agree with me? It feels good, but it doesn't make me "special"... it makes me a writer... a man with strong beliefs based on experience, observation and research. Those people who agree with what I write have their OWN minds to decide if what I write is valuable. 

As a reminder: When you come to my website, Facebook page, or Twitter stream, you don't get my agent, publicist, or manager... you just get me. Being available and transparent were promises I made to myself (and my readers) when I first began writing. This entire experience has been eye-opening... and an incredible experience for me personally. I listen... I interpret... I form opinion and conclusion, but I don't judge. I don't have to be right, I need to be heard with the resulting information discussed. And... I'm grateful that you are here reading this. As a writer, my words mean nothing without you reading them. For all this and so much more, I thank you.